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On the set of “Say Hello To Goodbye” music video

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The shooting of ‘Say Hello To Goodbye‘, new single US, just starting. It takes place in Jersey and and the realisator is Armen Djerrahian. Armen is a french realisator, particularly known for having directed the video “It Kills Me ” by Melanie Fiona with whom he also was nominated for the BET awards.

First pictures from the set are already available on the gallery:



Shontelle recieved her COSCAP foundation Awards Of Excellence

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It was announced at the Coscap Foundation press conference few weeks ago, this year, the Coscap Foundation Award of Excellence goes to Shontelle Layne! Shontelle is actually one of the most internationally successful Coscap members in the history of the organization. She was honoured on Saturday evening, becoming the 2nd recipient of the COSCAP foundation Award of Excellence. The gala was held at the Hilton Barbados and featured some of the soil’s finest artist.

  • Photos

- Shontelle accepting her Award from Sir Hilary Beckles (Thanks @Sweetcharms1 for the pic)
- Shontelle on the cover of “Barbados Today” – 25 April


  • Vidéo:

Thank You Speech :

Congratulations !


Old Main Music Festival – Mississippi

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Music Maker Productions, Campus Activities Board and Student Association members have been searching for talented artists and bands  to play at Mississippi State’s annual Old Main Music Festival. They finally decided on: Robert ‘Randolph and the Family Band’, Shontelle, ECompany and The Motions. The first video of Shontelle on stage,  is availabe below:

Man Down (Rihanna) / Impossible


‘Mainsfield University’ concert – Pennsylvania

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Few days ago (7 April), the Mansfield Activities Council (M.A.C.) and radio local wink106.fm in  Pennsylvania organized a concert featuring Jay Sean, Shontelle and Jeremih. First video are available below and the photos just been added on the gallery.

  • Photos:


  • Videos:

Perfect Nightmare

Say Hello To Goodbye

Man Down


Interview: WE Magazine – “The Sound Of Music”

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Shontelle the Bajan international recording artist took time out of her busy schedule last week, while travelling and promoting the Caterpillar shoe line, to chat with WE Magazine. In this interview she tells of her passions and expectations.

WE: Are you where you want to be in your music career?

A: I’m blessed. I have a music career. That’s exactly where I want to be in my life. It’s very exciting to see my growth and progress and I’ll never feel like I’ve done enough. I will always want to climb higher.

WE: Have your songwriting skills grown?

A: I feel so. I think it’s as simple as this: experience equals knowledge. With time, like an infant to an adult, I continue to grow. With each step I have taken, I’ve been able to expand my network and this has led to many great opportunities. I have worked with a long list of artists and writers from Diane Warren and Tony Kanal of No Doubt, to Rihanna and Bruno Mars . . . the list continues to grow. It was one of the best experiences of my career to be able to work with Ri on Man Down. Sitting with her on the studio bus trying to channel “RiRi”. It was so easy. She’s so great!

WE: Any insights into the music business?  Is it harder work than you expected?

A: The best way to understand it is to live it, I guess. I was wrong about a lot of things I believed before coming into this industry. It’s not that it’s harder work than I expected. I always expected it would probably be one of the most challenging feats I would ever face in my life. I expected to have to work at it for much longer than it would take to actually reach any success. I expected the grind. What I never expected was how emotionally and mentally taxing it could be! Through it all I learnt that I am stronger than I knew I was. I have to be.


“CAT Footwear” commercial in Barbados

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Few days ago, Shontelle was in Barbados for the filming of the new “CAT Footwear” commercial. As a new embassador, she started her 2nd advertising, indeed the first one was shot some months ago in New Jersey (View the 1st Video HERE) . The barbadian Newspaper, “Nation” has published an article on ‘NationNews.com’ with some details on this shoot:

“The Cat Woman touched various spots yesterday to give a hometown vibe to the Caterpillar shoe line. Shontelle, the official spokesperson for the shoe, set out with a production team to bring a natural feel to a promotional video. Children from St Paul’s Primary School featured prominently in the video. She then moved on to a number of other spots, including Bridgetown, Westbury Road, the historic area at the Garrison, and to the beach for a sunset shot. Here, students from St Paul’s Primary School express themselves at the command of Shontelle.”

Source: NationNews.com

  • Photos:



“On The Set”



Interview with ‘Flavour Magazine’

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“Waiting in her dressing room while she’s on stage rehearsing for a later performance, I find myself flicking through the TV channels, nervously waiting for her to join me. When eventually introduced to Shontelle, I steel myself for the interview and extend my hand in a formal greeting… but instead, the Bajan beauty pulls me into an enthusiastic embrace! And breathe…

She’s sold more than a million copies of ‘Impossible’, her biggest single to date, as well as already having enjoyed mainstream success with her chart-topping debut ‘T-Shirt’. You’d think she’d be in her hometown, relaxing on a sunny beach, but the talented R&B singer/songwriter is well on her way to earning international acclaim with latest single ‘Perfect Nightmare’ taken from her second album No Gravity.

Flavour catches up with Shontelle to talk about her new single, touring with Jason Derülo and how well she really knows Rihanna.

The last time we spoke was just before the release of your debut single ‘T-Shirt’. You’ve come a long way since then, so what have been some of your best moments?
It’s been really exciting to know that ‘T-Shirt’ did so well. Since then I have been able to tour with New Kids On The Block, Akon and Beyoncé, as well as releasing another album and an even bigger single [‘Impossible’]. It’s just been incredible to see the growth and to keep it going.

You’ll have a lot of stories to tell the kids then…
Yeah, whenever they come along, but I am not ready for that yet.

If you hadn’t taken a risk and left law school to pursue your music career, you might have found yourself acting as Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer instead of singing and writing music. Would you say the gamble has paid off?
[Laughs] I would say it’s paid off, because music is my number one passion, it’s my baby! So the fact it is really working out for me is good, but like I said before, the knowledge of the law comes in really handy because obviously there is a business side to music.


Gallery Update: ‘Photoshoots’

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We Have updated our Gallery with Three Photos from Three Different Photo shoots, You can view them by clicking on a thumbnail below.

  • ‘No Gravity’ Promo shoot


  • ‘Shontelligence’ Promo shoot


  • ‘Carmen Portelli’ Photo shoot



Shontelle Daily “Forum”

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A New Section of Shontelle Daily is Up! the Shontelle Daily Forum! You can sign up and start adding posts, You can check out the Forum by clicking here or on the banner above, Leave Us a Comment Below and tell us what you think, and remember to follow us on twitter if you haven’t @ShontelleDaily


Request ‘Say Hello To Goodbye’ and ‘Perfect Nightmare’

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‘Say Hello To Goodbye’  The Third single Off “No Gravity” has been released in the US On March 15th! and “Perfect Nightmare” Has Been Released In The UK On March 14th and Now, it’s time for us to request Both Songs and keep buying them to help them rise on the charts, so starting from now, every Shontelle Fan should request and download as much copies of  ’Say Hello To Goodbye’ and ‘Perfect Nightmare’ as they can! and make sure to Request the songs by clicking on the link below! If We Request and Buy the songs enough they will rise higher and higher on the charts! so let’s get started!


  1. Perfect Nightmare |   DOWNLOAD ON AMAZON |  BUY ON iTunes
  2. Say Hello To Goodbye  |  DOWNLOAD ON AMAZONBUY ON iTunes


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