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“The Republic” interviews Shontelle @ Dance2LAX

Written by Adeline. Posted in Interview

Shyamala from The RepublicUAE was at Dance2LAX yesterday to catch a few behind the scenes conversations with Shontelle. Check out the interview below:

“TR: Out of all the songs you’ve sung, what’s your most favourite?
Shontelle: Oh well, I love all my songs darlin’ but I think the song that hit highest in the charts was “Impossible”.

TR: What are you most passionate about?
Shontelle: The world knows its singing, but I believe its fashion! (Laughs)

TR: Is there any movie you would prefer watching more than once?
Shontelle. (Laughs aloud) That would be  ”The Little Mermaid”.

“I  love this kid in me, makes me more passionate.”

TR: What do you wish people would ask you more about?
Shontelle: Everyone has seen me in this stage of life. I wish they were more inquisitive about my history and growth that led me to who they think I am now. [Holds hand together with a twinkle in her eye]

TR: What question do you hate being asked? Any reason?
Shontelle?: Hmmm.. Actually nothing, love. Everybody is inquisitive in their own way. And I love to answer every question they throw at me! (Ha-ha)

TR: Do you sing aloud when no one else is listening?
Shontelle: Oh lord, All the time! (Giggles) You should try it out too. (Winks)

TR: What’s that one interesting fact about you, nobody knows?
Shontelle: Actually I play the Drums (enacts playing air drums and laughs) and I’m pretty darn good at it.

TR: Since you are involved in a lot of charity work, what is your latest contribution?
Shontelle: You know, when I leave Dubai after my performance is over (Jumps in excitement) I’m going to meet my dearest friend, she’s a supermodel, and I’m very excited since she is organising a charity event for underprivileged children, so ill be there to support!

The evening had been fantastic and we were super impressed.”

Source: TheRepublicUAE.com


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