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Happy Birthday, Medo!

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ShontelleDaily webmaster, Medo, celebrates his birthday today: February 24.

May all your birthday wishes and dreams come true! (Don’t forget to save the date for 2042! xD)



Shontelle Covers GCaribbean Magazine

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Shontelle is featured on the cover of GCaribbean magazine’s second issue. GCaribbean includes an exclusive interview with Shontelle talking about how she plays life, boys and the big stage. The magazine is available on Zinio.com for $4.99 US. Check out the BTS video from the photoshoot below:

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When the clock strikes twelve tonight… wherever you are, ShontelleDaily team wishes you a Happy New Year 2014! We hope it brings you lots of joy and happiness. All the best!

Best Wishes!

Adeline & Medo.


Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you all have a lovely time with family and friends.  xoxo

Adeline & Medo


Shontelle talks to Easy Magazine

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Shontelle covers Easy Magazine in the Sunday Sun. In this week’s edition, Shontelle looks back at 5 years in the music industry, talks about Album 3 and looks ahead to acting. Check out the article below:

“First, she flaunted her Shontelligence. As she spread her wings, nothing could hold her down – for Shontelle, there was No Gravity.

But as she carefully prepares the release of her third studio effort, the Impossible singer realizes that number three is the one which could “make or break” her five-year efforts.

“Third time’s the charm, right? It’s gotta happen!” the self-confessed optimist declared in a recent interview.

Serenaded by the sounds of waves and sunset entertainment at the Hilton Barbados on a Friday evening after a question and answer session with the ladies of Honey Jam 2013, Shontelle Layne seemed a bit hot and bothered by her hometown’s temperature, but exuded the cool confidence of a down-to-earth girl from “just ’cross de road.”

More than aware of the music industry, filled with artistes who will do just about anything for a chance to be in the spotlight, Shontelle still prefers to be known for good music.

And so she plans waiting until the time is right. But don’t be fooled: she can still name-drop like the best of them – boasting writing credits for Kelly Rowland, Kelly Clarkson, Ne-Yo and R. Kelly, among others.

“Sometimes you schedule . . . but you know the time is not now, and you shouldn’t just throw an album out there just because, because you will lose. You have to have a strategy, your PR has to be in place, the right collection of songs that make sense together [and] . . . tell a story. When [artistes] get on album three, it gets like that. They keep changing, because this is make or break right now. It is not just fun anymore; there are serious expectations,” she said, honestly and emphatically.

“ . . .You may not get another chance so it is like walking on eggshells; you have to be extra cautious . . . and that is where we are right now.”

Known locally for Colours, the evergreen hit made in collaboration with NatahleeShontelle admitted there was no time set for the release of her third album, even though a new single, Put It On Blast, will be hitting airwaves in a few weeks. She revealed summer or Christmas of 2014 were possible targets, with more singles out before the big release.

“Your album may have a schedule and they may feel you have momentum and they are just trying to go, but you don’t feel like you are ready to put out another album,” she continued, adding that notable names on the entertainment scene, including Beyoncé had pushed back their albums by months.

However, some artistes, like Rihanna, seem to be an exception to the rule. Why?

Shontelle lays down a bit more of that 2008 intelligence: “Rihanna is a different type of artiste. There is the people’s artiste and then there is an artiste artiste. [With artistes like Rihanna] it is a specific machine and you are not a person anymore. Once you start making over a certain amount of money . . . they tell you [when] to go [and] you cannot stop.”

This is amplified, she said, when there are no other billable skills in the Louis Vuitton bag.

“Those who are also on the creative side tend to take more time and more care and don’t rush them out. [Adele’s19 came out so many years ago and Amy Winehouse’s albums were almost six years apart. Lauryn Hill put out an unplugged version of an album but there is a reason for that. When you are an artiste artiste, it takes so much time to put out an album.”

And for the face of Cat shoes, that kind of pace she believed she can keep up with, admitting she preferred Adele’s pace where she can put out the music she loved but still take a break “to be a person” and pursue other interests, like a possible foray onto the silver screen.

Without saying too much, she revealed the movie focused on a teen girl from a small island who moves to a big city (sounds familiar?). It starts filming in July 2014.

“I think the movie was inspired by Rihanna . . . and I am hoping the movie actually happens and sees the light of day, because with movies and music, anything could happen.

“But it is still exciting to be called and some pretty big names [are involved] and it might be the beginning of my career moving to a new level.”

Shontelle’s lease on the North American entertainment industry comes from years of experience – and as much as she was happy to share her tricks and tidbits with the ladies of Honey Jam, she wished there was someone like her to do the same when she was trying to make it.

“There were certain contracts I wouldn’t have signed or I would have read more. It is a blessing to be able to survive things like signing the bad contract and keep going. That doesn’t happen all the time. Even if there is no Honey Jam, get on the Internet,” Shontelle advised like an honest big sister we all wish for, “It is better to be prepared if you want to be successful.” ”

By LEIGH-ANN WORRELL | SUN, December 08, 2013 – NationNews.com


Shontelle Attends Sevyn EP Release Party

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Shontelle attended Sevyn Streeter‘s ”Call Me Crazy But…” EP release party last night helded at Mister H in New York City. A few pictures from the event have been added to the gallery:

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Shontelle performs at Cavalli Club Dubai

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Shontelle set the stage on fyah last night when she performed at Cavalli Club last night, Nov 28th in Dubai. Photos from the night have been added to the gallery and can be viewed by clicking on a thumbnail below:

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Shontelle at the 2013 HoneyJam Industry Workshop

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Recording artists Shontelle and Vita Chambers, as well as their management, participated at the 2013 HoneyJam Industry Workshop helded on November 22, at the Hilton hotel in Barbados. They shared with the public, their real-world experiences in the industry and what is involved to succeed in the music industry. Shontelle also attended the concert last night and even joined Ieashia Browne on stage for “Man Down”!

  • Photos:

Industry Workshop:




* Thanks alot to Amleya Clarke for the pictures! *

  • Video:

“Honey Jam is an all female multicultural, multigenre artist showcase featuring amazing live performances. It was started in Canada in 1995 by Barbadian Ebonnie Rowe. Honey Jam also provides educational and mentoring opportunities for young female artists as well as promotes and supports women’s charities.” – honeyjambarbados.com



Shontelle to perform at Cavalli Club

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Witness Barbadian beauty Shontelle ’Take Ova’ Cavalli Club with a special live performance on November 28th! Check out Cavalli Club’s Facebook page for more informations.

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Shontelle to attend HoneyJam Barbados

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Recording artists Shontelle and Vita Chambers, as well as their management, will be participating in the programm’s workshop ‘Getting Your Music Off  The Rock’ to be held on November 22, in Barbados. Shontelle, Vita Chambers and their managers will also be attending the showcase, a great opportunity for the HoneyJam playgirls. By the way, a litle article on HoneyJam Barbados‘s Facebook page gave us some informations about Shontelle’s third album:

“For those wanting the intimate details, you need only take a listen to her upcoming, as-yet-untitled new album, which is due the third quarter of 2014. First up: the newly EDM minted “Put Me On Blast” co-written by Nikki Flores (Keyshia Cole), Corey Gibson (Rihanna, Estelle) and Greg Ogan (Britney Spears, Leona Lewis) is sure to become a smash. 

The new album promises flavors for everyone, Shontelle fans and those that will quickly become fans. In addition to another expected summer sizzler, “What Your Man Don’t Know,” she stays true to her island heritage with winning tracks like the rock-edged “Badman,” produced by Shontelle and Hal Linton, and the slightly scandalous “Freaky,” produced by Rockwilder and Pharrell Williams, featuring Gyptian.

But she also mixes it up with finely crafted pop songs like the dance joint “Ten To One,” and the legendary Diane Warren-penned, Broadway-produced power ballad “You Don’t Have The Right.” 

Style, beauty and varied musical flavor – these are the things that make Shontelle the artist she is.”

Source: HoneyJamBarbados


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